BKF Recovery Tool: Deal with Corrupted BKF Files

bkf recovery tool

Here in this Article, we are going to share about the hard times people face. To be on a safer side, many users take backup of their important data. But the worst that happens is! The backup file (.bkf file) gets corrupted. At that time, what you desperately need is a BKF recovery Tool which could help you recover your backup file. Before that lets go through some required stats. Also read: How to use Exchange BKF Recovery Tool  In today's world, with the increasing use of computers to manage Continue Reading

What to do when PDF Document Gets Corrupted?

Repair PDF Document

What is a PDF File PDF stands for Portable Document Format, it is a kind of file format originally developed by Adobe Systems. PDF is a file format that preserves most attributes like colors, images tables etc of a source document no matter which platform, hardware and application used to create it. To view the PDF document all you need to install Adobe reader on your system, a free application from Adobe systems. PDF becomes the most commonly used document files format. It has quite a lot of Continue Reading

How to Recover Partition Table?

repair partition table

This topic contains the information about the partition table and how to perform recovery when it goes wrong and your hard disk become inaccessible. Windows operating system from Microsoft allows you to divide your hard disk into various partitions. These partition behave as a separate disk that can be used to install operating system, other programs and data. Also Read: Password Recovery - Outlook Password Recovery Repair EDB File-Repairing  Corrupt EDB Files Where is Partition Table Continue Reading

How to Open Corrupted ZIP File?

how to open zip file copy

Zip file is a most popular file compression file format in use. Zip file helps in saving the storage space and also helps in sending the large file over internet through mails. There Come the Question - "How to open Zip File". Zip files are created using WinZip utility. It can Compress files upto 50 to 90 percent depending on the file type. When dealing with large file people generally compress them to save space or to send file through email over internet. Zip file can be easily transferred Continue Reading