What to do When Outlook Express Gets Corrupted?

Outlook Express is a default e-mail and news client for Windows OS. Since Windows 95 it is shipped with Operating system as bundled software thus widely used as email software for millions of windows users. Outlook Express use DBX file format a primary format to store all its data. Data comprises emails and other contact information plus miscellaneous information related to the email and news etc. DBX file format is a robust yet simple file format. It stores all mails in RFC822 format directly Continue Reading

How to Compress PST File of Microsoft Outlook?

compress pst file

In this article we have shared, how with the passing time, Use of Microsoft outlook increased, became popular. But the more it was used more heavy is the PST file(Outlook Database File). Which slowed down the performance. Go through the article to know how we can compress PST file used by Microsoft Outlook. Continue Reading