How to Convert Microsoft Outlook Non-Unicode (ANSI) PST File to a Unicode PST Format?

Outlook files created with MS Outlook 97-2002 versions are non-Unicode PST files, which don’t support multilingual data. MS Outlook 2003 & above versions offer greater storage capacity for Outlook items and folders and hence supports multilingual Unicode data. Also Read: 1. Outlook Does not Recognize PST Password Once System is Crashed 2. How to Merge Outlook PST Files into a Single File ? There is no automatic way of converting a Microsoft Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders file Continue Reading

How to Compress PST File?

compress pst and reduce pst

In this article we have shared, how with the passing time, Use of Microsoft outlook increased, became popular. But the more it was used more heavy is the PST file(Outlook Database File). Which slowed down the performance. Go through the article to know how we can compress PST file used by Microsoft Outlook. Continue Reading