How to Access the Secured NSF Files of Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes is one of the most popular email client used in small and big organizations. Lotus notes saves all its emails in NSF database files. Lotus Notes has an attribute named as Access Control List (ACL) using which administrator can easily set access rights to particular NSF database file. Using this attribute file owner manages the NSF file of Lotus Notes and applies security on NSF files, so that any unauthorized user cannot access the file. If an error message like:
“You are not authorized to access that database.”

“You are not authorized to perform that operation in Lotus Notes.”
is flashed every time when you try to access NSF file, this is only because you are not authorized to access that particular NSF file. The reason is very simple, there is a strong security applied to the database file by its author or  administrator. This is basically done to avoid any hampering of NSF files or restricting any unauthorized usage of file. The administrator has the only rights to deal with file, not anyone else. Therefore, when any other user tries to access that particular NSF files, the aforementioned errors are flashed.

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Sometimes a situation may arise that you urgently need to access protected NSF file. And every time you access the file, the above mentioned errors are flashed. The only solution to avoid these types of error messages is to contact the administrator and ask him/her to provide the access rights.  But if the administrator is absent or not available and accessing of protected NSF file is really very important at the same time, then the only solution is to use a third-party application, which is known as NSF local security remover. This tool will help you to deal with above mentioned errors and provide access of protected NSF database files.

This tool quickly removes all the local security of NSF files of Lotus notes and provides instant access of them. No technical skills are required to use this tool. Any one, i.e. tech savvy or a novice user can use this software without requiring any prior experience and technical knowledge. It is a safe and easy-to-use application with highly interactive graphical user interface that makes even a novice user able to operate the software easily. This tool also supports a remarkable feature known as undo changes. This feature is very helpful when anything goes wrong with NSF file. This feature can also be use to re-apply the local security once your purpose is solved. It supports all major versions of lotus notes and highly compatible with all major versions of windows, such as: Windows ME, 200o, 2003, XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8.

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