FAT Recovery Software – Windows Data Recovery Solution

FAT recoveryA storage device, be it an internal hard disk or any external or removable media, must have a file system for data storage. FAT is an old but quite popular file system used in Windows system. As everything in computers is prone to corruption and other serious problems, so as the FAT file system. Here I’ll discuss the reasons behind data loss and corruption. Also, we’ll talk about FAT recovery software for Windows data recovery. Continue reading

Excellent Data Recovery Software for Removable Media

data recovery softwareRemovable media are excessively used for storing files and system backup safely. Though it has numerous advantages, but unfortunately it’s prone to corruption and other problems which result in data loss. In such situation, the only way to retrieve your data back from the corrupted/damaged or formatted removable media is data recovery software programmed to support all types of removable media.  Continue reading

Learn Why Windows Data Recovery Becomes Necessity

windows data recoveryData loss is one of the most critical situations a computer user can ever face. There are various reasons for data loss including the most common accidental deletion and data corruption. You can try a backup file to restore your lost data. But if there’s no backup file, you must try a professional Windows data recovery tool to perform data recovery from the corrupt volumes and entire hard disk drives.  Continue reading

Types of SQL Server Compression Used for MDF Database

sql database compression

Microsoft SQL Server supports different compression types for tables and indexes, and also supports archival compression for them. The data compression feature in SQL Server is very helpful in reducing the size of the database file. Additionally, data compression is helpful in improving performance of I/O intensive workloads because the data is stored in fewer pages and queries need to read fewer pages from disk.  Continue reading

15 Must-Know Things for Email Management

easy email managementWith the excessive use of emails in today’s world, its management has become a matter of deep concern for all of us. Emails are commonly used for everything related to communication and collaboration at work. Be it an individual or an organization, we are heavily dependent on emails to communicate with our friends, family members, office colleagues and business clients.  Continue reading

10 Free PDF Readers for Windows

pdf-viewerPDF the name sounds familiar when we are totally involved in Portable Document Format. Extensively used for creation of secure professional documents, PDF find immense use in digital communication over network. What is the most common name that strikes’ the mind when it comes to viewing PDF document, yes its Adobe Reader. It has become the long traditional option to viewing PDF whenever  Continue reading

6 Easy Steps To Add An Email Signature In Outlook 2013


Outlook is one of the important software of Microsoft, which is used to send, receive and store the emails, contact information, etc. MS outlook has many unique features such as emails filter, block unwanted emails or junks, sync Google calendar with Outlook, “post-it” note, etc. One of the best feature of MS Outlook is an email signature. An email signature is used to add contact details with the messages.

Continue reading

How to Determine Outlook Version?

how to determine Outlook versionAre you confused with your Microsoft Outlook email client version? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit? Does this question “how to determine Outlook version” come to your mind? Don’t scratch your head any more. There is an easy way to determine this, i.e. either you are using Outlook of 32-bit and 64-bit. Microsoft Outlook is available in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. Let’s find out your Outlook version! Continue reading

Data Loss: Differentiate Between Logical and Physical Data Loss

types of data lossIn computers, data loss is certainly an unaffordable situation for computer users. Data loss is the result of fault in hardware or software due to any transmission, storage or processing failure. It is divided into two separate parts, such as: Logical data loss and Physical data loss. See the infographic shown below to know more about the types of data losses, their reasons, symptoms and their fixes. Continue reading

Data Corruption and Data Recovery Tips

data loss and data recovery tipsGenerally Data Corruption refers to a situation of receiving errors in computer data and files during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing. Due to corruption, a computer file starts producing unexpected results if it is tried to be accessed by the computer system or any specific application. Data corruption is divided into 2 parts: undetected (silent data corruption), and Detected (it may be permanent or temporary). Continue reading