What is Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons

cloud computing

Cloud computing is the new computing concept in which all the resources are made available virtually. The word “Cloud” in cloud computing refers to the center which provides services across the network via internet. Virtualization of information, application software and resources is the key feature of cloud computing.  Continue Reading

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life?

laptop battery life

Portability is something that every user or individual is addicted to. There was a time when everything used to bigger in size. But with times technology has moved from the table to our laps and pockets. But when things become portable, still power is required to run that gadget. This is how batteries play a very important role Continue Reading

Google Update: Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

google hangout for outlook

https://twitter.com/mattcutts/status/468891756982185985 Google is redefining technology every day. On May 21, 2014, Matt Cutts (Head of google web spam team) tweeted that google is rolling out our new Panda 4.0 today. This was the google update for Search Engines. New Google Update And then yet another google update comes into the web world. This update comes under Google Apps. So far google has provided many options on Google Apps. But this time Google has introduced a new plugin. They Continue Reading

MS Word: Repair Corrupted MS Word Documents

ms word corrupted document

Microsoft Word application is used at a wide scale due to being a major office application that includes a bundle of benefits in terms of programs like text editor, picture insertion, header alignments, mail merge and other various options required for fulfilling regular office needs for drafting and scheduling of posts. Even after Continue Reading