MS Word: Repair Corrupted MS Word Documents

corrupt Word documentMicrosoft Word application is used at a wide scale due to being a major office application that includes a bundle of benefits in terms of programs like text editor, picture insertion, header alignments, mail merge and other various options required for fulfilling regular office needs for drafting and scheduling of posts. Even after a lot of drawbacks and speed issues, the MS Word is still the most preferred text editor used by the industry  Continue reading

Import PST to Exchange Server: A Step-by-Step Process

how to import PST to exchangeSometimes an Outlook user may in need to import PST files to Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft provides a tool, called ExMerge.exe, that helps you export your data from Microsoft Exchange Server to PST files and to import your data to Microsoft Exchange Server from PST files. If you want to import pst files to Microsoft Exchange Server from PST files, keep reading this blog. Continue reading

Microsoft Access: Repair Access Database Files Manually

Access database repairMS Access database is prone to corruption and this not something to be surprised about. All computer application programs face failures and corruptions at several intervals of time. All applications need treatment for fixing errors and recovering the most crucial data, lost due to the fatal errors. Usually an Access database file gets corrupted due to the improper handling and system generated errors. Continue reading

Outlook Express: Repair Corrupted DBX File

repair Outlook ExpressOutlook Express is a basic email client used by millions of users on a daily basis. This freeware email program has been designed by Microsoft. In order to make the system run in an expected manner, you should configure either of the two email accounts via, POP3 (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol). Like all other email clients, Outlook Express also creates the database for storing emails. Continue reading

How to Repair EDB File using Eseutil & Isinteg

repair edb file newExchange Database File, also known as EDB file is created by Microsoft exchange server. EDB file acts as a repository for the user mailbox data saved by Microsoft Exchange Server. Sometimes due to virus attacks or installing corrupted programs in the computer, the EDB file gets corrupted. To Repair EDB file, we recommend using the bellow tools that would recover your precious data. Continue reading

System Restore tool to Restore Windows XP to its Previous State

system restore toolYou can use System Restore tool to restore Windows XP to its previous state. System Restore contains the snapshots of program files, critical system files and registry settings. It stores all these information as restore points and these restore points are used to restore Windows XP to its previous state. Restore points are also capable of changing batch files, scripts and executable files on your system.  Continue reading

How to Repair Corrupt PDF File: PDF Repair Tool

PDF repairThere are lots of factors that prevent PDF from successfully running in an Acrobat or Adobe Reader environment.  Some of the factors include fatal damage to PDF application or damage to the Reader. Many times Acrobat is not timely updated or installed and the reader remains under updated. Also unrecognisable file type or the PDFs which are created with programs that doesn’t support Adobe is a major factor Continue reading

How to Take Outlook PST Backup Manually?

how to take PST backupOutlook information Files (.pst) are used for POP3, IMAP, and web-based mail accounts. once you need to form archives or back up your Outlook folders and things on your PC, like Exchange accounts, you are supposed to create and use extra .pst files. A Personal Folders file (.pst) is associate Outlook file that stores your messages and alternative things on your computer. This is often the foremost common file in which info Continue reading

Corruption in SQL Server Database: Reasons and Solution

sql server database corruptionIt is quite impossible for a business system to ignore the importance of database programs. Most of the business information pertaining to customer details, accounting or any type of product design detail, are maintained using the database applications like SQL Server. SQL Server is one of the most used database applications for organizing a company’s style of working through effective database management. Continue reading

Microsoft Exchange Server: Backup and Restore

how to backup exchange serverBackup and Restore has always been a Crucial and lazy task when it come to any sort of data stored online over web or saved online on a Computer. Here we have shared the steps to Backup Microsoft Exchange Server which is a very crucial data storing thousands of official as well as personal mails in its database. Continue reading