Setting up Wireless Network in Ad-Hoc Mode

Ad-Moc mode wireless networkDevices in 802.11 network structure are connected to each other and are able to communicate with each other without using access points. Similarly, Ad-Hoc mode is also based on peer-to-peer mode of configuration. Ad-Hoc mode creates a network in which services of wireless base are not required. Ad-Hoc mode is also known as IBSS (Independent Basic Service Set). Continue reading

Share files Quickly: Peer To Peer File Sharing

peer to peer sharingAre you a download freak? If we say that file sharing is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. The scenarios we are surrounded with, justifies it all very easily. In our daily lives, we keep on sharing files, be it using any method. Bluetooth, WiFi, wired, email attachments or cloud storage. But these things are easily done when the size of the file you are sharing is small. But if there is a 1 GB file transfer over web, we need peer to peer file sharing. Continue reading

How to Repair PST File if SCANPST.EXE Fails?

what to do if scanpst.exe failsMS Outlook is not just an e-mail client; it is also used as a personal information manager. Being a personal information manager, it allows you to store personal data which include contacts, notes, journals, calendar, etc. in the form of Personal Storage Table. It is also used as task manager. Organizations found it very feasible to use Outlook because of its features like centralized storage of data, data management and advanced functions. Continue reading

Install Windows on Mac OS by using Boot Camp Utility

how to use Windows on MacMicrosoft Windows, one of the ruling operating systems, is used for both purposes: home and business. Even after Mac’s popularity, most of the users still choose to work on Windows OS. If a scenario occurs at your place, when you are working on Apple’s Mac and there is some specific application software on which the service of your organization depends, then you can install Windows OS on your Mac Book. Continue reading

Internet Sharing with Tethering – Smart Technology

android wifi tetherIf you guys have already seen through, we have shared some tips on increasing your battery life. If you have not gone through it yet, check out the useful tips now. Once you follow these tips to increase the battery life of your laptop, there’s no harm working on anything on your machine. Do you agree that a computer without internet is not worth? Well we carry the same opinion, though that’s not the case for all the users.  Continue reading

What is Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons

cloud computingCloud computing is the new computing concept in which all the resources are made available virtually. The word “Cloud” in cloud computing refers to the centre which provides services across the network via internet. Virtualization of information, application software and resources is the key feature of cloud computing. For e.g. One such example of cloud computing model is provided by Microsoft, i.e. Google Apps.  Continue reading

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life?

how to increase laptop battery lifePortability is something that every user or individual is addicted to. There was a time when everything used to bigger in size. But with times, technology has moved from the table to our laps and pockets. But when things become portable, still power is required to run that gadget. This is how batteries play a very important role in the portable world. Here we talk about computers and concerned on laptop battery life. Continue reading