Data Loss: Differentiate Between Logical and Physical Data Loss

types of data lossIn computers, data loss is certainly an unaffordable situation for computer users. Data loss is the result of fault in hardware or software due to any transmission, storage or processing failure. It is divided into two separate parts, such as: Logical data loss and Physical data loss. See the infographic shown below to know more about the types of data losses, their reasons, symptoms and their fixes. Continue reading

Data Corruption and Data Recovery Tips

data loss and data recovery tipsGenerally Data Corruption refers to a situation of receiving errors in computer data and files during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing. Due to corruption, a computer file starts producing unexpected results if it is tried to be accessed by the computer system or any specific application. Data corruption is divided into 2 parts: undetected (silent data corruption), and Detected (it may be permanent or temporary). Continue reading