Recover Corrupt Windows Backup Files Using SysInfoTools BKF Repair Pro Tool

In this internet era, safety and security of our personal and professional data is our utmost concern. With the rapid usage of computers at home and in our workplaces, data security is always one of the crucial factors we have to face. In fact, every one of us is moving towards digital age or paperless office and leaving behind the hard copies which we used to work on earlier. Hence we need to be smart enough to keep our databases and files secured from corruption.  There are many of us who always keep a backup of their files and delete the not so important files. But doing this can’t be termed as the best solution. As What will happen if your backup files get corrupted?

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How to Split or Merge PDF Files Manually

Having large or multiple PDF files, both are difficult to manage. In this article, I will discuss about how to split PDF file into multiple smaller parts and merge multiple PDF files into a single file at anytime from anyplace without affecting the content and file structure. Continue reading

Microsoft Exchange Server: Backup and Restore

how to backup exchange serverBackup and Restore has always been a Crucial and lazy task when it come to any sort of data stored online over web or saved online on a Computer. Here we have shared the steps to Backup Microsoft Exchange Server which is a very crucial data storing thousands of official as well as personal mails in its database. Continue reading

BKF File Repair: How to Restore BKF File

backup repairBKF files are, aka backup copies, created in order to save crucial data lying with the original documents. Backup files are created using NT-Backup utility program that comes with Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. In later versions, it has been replaced by Windows Backup and Restore.   Continue reading

Advanced Exchange BKF Recovery Tool: SysInfoTools

advanced Exchange BKF recoveryMicrosoft Exchange server is mail server which also operates as a contacts manager and task manager. You can create backup file of an Exchange Server through different utilities. But it is not manually possible to recover data from corrupted Exchange BKF file. So, there is a need to use Exchange BKF Recovery tool which successfully recovers mailbox from corrupted BKF file.  Continue reading

Backup Software NT-Backup Utility Tips

Windows NT-Backup toolNT-Backup is a backup software utility program that comes with XP for storing backup copies of your crucial data. It is one of the competitive utilities which are meant for backup purpose. NT-Backup should be run on routine basis in order to make sure you have a latest backup available on your local machine. However this tool doesn’t come as a pre-installed feature. You may need to install it by following the steps given below: Continue reading

How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry?

Backup and Restore Windows RegistryWindows Registry is generally a database used by Microsoft Windows operating systems to store configuration settings and options. It is highly important for an operating system. You must back up the Windows Registry in order to avoid any mishappening. You can create backup and restore Windows registry in different versions of Windows operating systems by following a few simple steps. Continue reading

What are the Reasons for Corrupt Backup File?

corrupt bkf fileWhere a backup file plays an important role in computers, on the other hand it is prone to corruption. A backup file that contains backup copies of your crucial data, which can be restored at the time of corruption or data loss, may become inaccessible due to corruption. Like other computer files, a backup file is also not immune to corruption.  Continue reading

Recover BKF Files Data: BKF Recovery Tool

Recover BKF Files Data: BKF Recovery Tool

BKF file is a significant portion of Windows Operating System. The BKF files are created using NT-Backup utility that operates in an automated manner for creating backup files for Windows data. BKF file serves as a helping hand in case of data loss. These restores lost data in its most original form.  Continue reading

How to Backup Outlook Express Data?

How to take backup of Outlook Express?Backing up some invaluable data of your computer system prevents data loss or data corruption situation. If an updated backup is available, you can restore your data from it if a situation like data loss or corruption takes place. Outlook Express is a popular email client application provided by Microsoft for emailing purpose. To prevent corruption or data loss in Microsoft Outlook Express, you can back it up. Continue reading