BKF File Repair: How to Restore BKF File

backup repairBKF files are, aka backup copies, created in order to save crucial data lying with the original documents. Backup files are created using NT-Backup utility program that comes with Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. In later versions, it has been replaced by Windows Backup and Restore.  

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What is NT-Backup Utility?

NT-Backup utility tool is a Microsoft program which has been designed to save crucial data by creating BKF files and maintaining the information for restoration purpose when the original documents fails to initialize or become inaccessible.

However, many a times it is seen that BKF files either go missing or become completely inaccessible in case of any type of corruption, malware or any bug attack, any type or system failure or various unavoidable reasons. In such cases, user may become frustrated due to inability of opening corrupt BKF files for data restoration purpose.

How to Recover or Repair Corrupt BKF File?

There could be a lot of reasons responsible for BKF file corruption. In most of the cases, the large size of BKF files makes them prone to failures and corruptions. Additionally, you may receive a message like unrecognized media or unusable backup file in case you want to restore a corrupt BKF file using NT Back-up utility program. The only way to recover data from the corrupt BKF files is to get access to third-party software like SysInfoTools Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro.

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How to Perform Recovery from Corrupted exchange BKF File ?

Lots of backup recovery tools are available with different vendors but the one offered under the wide umbrella of SysInfoTools, promises high-end security and safe data retrieval process. On the top of it, it also works towards eliminating errors. However, we care for your hard earned money and so we have also released a free trial version of this software which you can download for free evaluation purpose.

Here is how this software can help you:

  • It performs recovery in multiple batches processing multiple BKF files at the same time.
  • Also recovers data from the SQL database file as available with corrupt BKF file.
  • Handles each level of corruption effectively.
  • Enables previewing of recovered data before actually saving it to desired location on your local machine.