What are the Reasons for Corrupt Backup File?

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corrupt bkf fileWhere a backup file plays an important role in computers, on the other hand it is prone to corruption. A backup file that contains backup copies of your crucial data, which can be restored at the time of corruption or data loss, may become inaccessible due to corruption. Like other computer files, a backup file is also not immune to corruption. There is a wide range of factors which can play important role in BKF file corruption.

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Are you having a corrupt backup file? Do you know why your backup file is corrupted? Below are some common reasons, read them:

  1. Virus infection: Virus infection is one of the most common reasons of file corruption. A virus is a computer program reproduced itself and harms our computer files. Suppose we have saved our backup file inside any particular drive and a virus is present there then it may affect all the files including BKF.     
  2. Hard disk crash: Whenever a hard disk crash or damaged the data saved inside it becomes inaccessible or corrupted. And if our backup file is saved inside the system hard disk it can be corrupted
  3. Improper system shutdown: While working on the computer if due to power failure system turns off the computer data can be damaged. This can affect our hard disk, the applications and files which were opened before system shutdown. 
  4. Interrupted backup process: While backing up the data if any type of interference or interruption takes place the backup file can be damaged. The interference could be anything like a sudden power failure, software collision, human errors, etc.
  5. Missing of catalog files: All the details (file size and location) of backup file are stored in catalog files. If any catalog file is missing from backup then we can’t open it or it could be corrupted.    
  6. CRC failed: While opening or restoring data from a backup file if we receive Cyclic Redundancy Check error it means the file is corrupt and can’t be used for restoration.
  7. Error in backup application: Sometimes the programs which are used to create backup file such as NT-Backup or any other tool can be damaged or infected by virus. This can cause corruption in backup file.
  8. Software or hardware malfunction: Software or hardware malfunction can corrupt a backup file. Software malfunction refers to any problem such as collision of software, virus infection, outdated software, etc. and hardware malfunction refers to a driver problem, bad sectors in hard drive, faulty or damaged hardware devices, etc.

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