10 Free PDF Readers for Windows

pdf-viewerPDF the name sounds familiar when we are totally involved in Portable Document Format. Extensively used for creation of secure professional documents, PDF find immense use in digital communication over network. What is the most common name that strikes’ the mind when it comes to viewing PDF document, yes its Adobe Reader. It has become the long traditional option to viewing PDF whenever  Continue reading

Determine Windows Version, i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit

how to determine Windows versionA window is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a separate viewing area on a computer that allows users to operate the system. Window size can be changed according to user preferences. It can be minimized, maximized, and closed. Do you know in which version your Windows operating system is running? Have you ever tried to determine Windows version in your system? Continue reading

Install Windows on Mac OS by using Boot Camp Utility

how to use Windows on MacMicrosoft Windows, one of the ruling operating systems, is used for both purposes: home and business. Even after Mac’s popularity, most of the users still choose to work on Windows OS. If a scenario occurs at your place, when you are working on Apple’s Mac and there is some specific application software on which the service of your organization depends, then you can install Windows OS on your Mac Book. Continue reading

What is Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons

cloud computingCloud computing is the new computing concept in which all the resources are made available virtually. The word “Cloud” in cloud computing refers to the centre which provides services across the network via internet. Virtualization of information, application software and resources is the key feature of cloud computing. For e.g. One such example of cloud computing model is provided by Microsoft, i.e. Google Apps.  Continue reading

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life?

how to increase laptop battery lifePortability is something that every user or individual is addicted to. There was a time when everything used to bigger in size. But with times, technology has moved from the table to our laps and pockets. But when things become portable, still power is required to run that gadget. This is how batteries play a very important role in the portable world. Here we talk about computers and concerned on laptop battery life. Continue reading

System Restore tool to Restore Windows XP to its Previous State

system restore toolYou can use System Restore tool to restore Windows XP to its previous state. System Restore contains the snapshots of program files, critical system files and registry settings. It stores all these information as restore points and these restore points are used to restore Windows XP to its previous state. Restore points are also capable of changing batch files, scripts and executable files on your system.  Continue reading

Create Windows System Restore Points in Windows 7 & 8

system restore toolIn Microsoft Windows, there is a feature called Windows System Restore, that helps users to get back to their original computer’s state including system files, installed applications, Windows Registry and system settings. This feature is useful to overcome system malfunction and all other problems related to Windows errors. Continue reading

How to Create Windows 7 System Repair Disk

how to create Windows 7 repair diskIf you have just switched to Windows 7 from an earlier version, you must create a system repair disc. A system repair disc helps you access the system recovery options in Windows 7. The System Recovery Options are a set of diagnostic and repair tools, such as: Start up Repair, System Restore, System Image Recovery, Continue reading

Locate Outlook Files: Outlook File Location

how to locate pst fileThere are many different files which are used by Microsoft Outlook for storing different types of data. By default, some of these files are hidden. Therefore to locate them, you need to make them visible. How will you do this? In this Article we have shared the Microsoft Outlook file locations in Windows 8-7-XP-2000. Continue reading

Error in Opening Image in Windows Photo Viewer

windows image viewerMicrosoft’s Windows Photo Viewer is a picture viewer. In Windows Vista and 7, this application is known as Windows Photo Gallery. You can do Imaging on Windows using this application. You can also view all your images as a slide show. It supports pictures in JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and ICO file formats.  Continue reading