How To Fix SQL Error 1067 In A Few Minutes?

sql error 1067
These days usage of dedicated servers are ever increasing. From small organizations belonging to the private sector, to heavily funded big government sector organizations use dedicated servers like MS SQL Server. Use of dedicated servers have proven to decrease running costs and increase productivity by integrating multiple users as one well-oiled machine. MS SQL Server is one of the most commonly used servers used to maintain databases for various purposes. Though a very commonly user server environment, MS SQL Servers are prone to errors and corruption issues like any other competitors. In this article we are going to discuss in particular he the SQL error 1067 and we will learn How To Fix SQL Error 1067 Continue reading

How To Convert NSF File Into PST Format

Convert NSF File Into PST Format

IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook are two of the most used email clients. These clients have dominated the market for a long time. IBM Lotus Notes have been at the top since its first release in 1989 and apart from acting as an email client,  it provided the user with the variety of features like scheduling, calendaring, programming etc. MS Outlook, on the other hand, presented its user with all these features bundles into a simple and easy to use UI. Continue reading

Evolution of Lotus Notes and NSF File Formats

Lotus Notes, NSF Files, IBM Notes, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Domino, Names.nsf,,, Bookmark.nsf, Cache.ndk, Log.nsf, Archive.nsf, Desktop8.ndk, Headline.nsf

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) was first released in 1989 and by far it is still one of the most used email client. Furthermore, IBM Notes is a Client-Server platform based application where IBM Notes is the Client, and IBM Domino is the Server. It is used by many organizations for  e-mailing, maintaining calendar, scheduling, maintaining address books, databases as well as for other needs such as web-server managing and programming. Continue reading

SysInfoTools PDF Recovery Receives its First Backup Software Award by FinancesOnline

Looking to store and repair corrupt PDF files with ease?

There is nothing to worry about, as SysInfoTools now wraps all functionality needed to stay in control of your file base. An even better news is that our efforts are now certified by one of world’s most popular software review platform, where SysInfo owns a dedicated review, and two of the platform’s best productivity awards.

2017 Rising Star Award          Great User Experience Award

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06 Tech Gifts You Can Gift Yourself That Too Under $20

Tech Gifts

In an age where even your grandmother knows how to run a time machine, lagging behind in technological advancements for you is really not an option. Every day some or the other tech stuffs are getting launched which we haven’t even heard about. It can be a nightmare if you are still not using a smartphone, you can do a lot of things just only with your phone now a days. Our world is growing at a rapid pace and technology is one of the major reasons for it. We as users always see new stuffs coming in and always dream of getting these stuffs. Continue reading

6 Approaches For A Successful Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration

6 Approaches For A Successful Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration

Are you in the search for Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration techniques which fully satisfies you?

Not yet successful in moving Notes/Domino database to SharePoint?

Take a deep breath, sit back and give your eye to this blog that will explain you the tips for a successful Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration.

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How to Schedule a Meeting in Lotus Notes 9.0

IBM Lotus Notes is a world-class email-client application that supports users by offering amazing features to locate, transform, and share data with high-security and protect the same from getting misused by any unauthorized user in real-time. Lotus Notes helps to simplify and streamline the organisation’s work by arranging tasks, and linking users to information sources. Continue reading

Google Update: Hangouts Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Google hangout for OutlookGoogle is redefining technology every day. On May 21, 2014, Matt Cutts (Head of Google web spam team) tweeted that Google is rolling out our new Panda 4.0 today. This was the Google update for Search Engines. And then yet another Google update comes into the web world. This update comes under Google Apps. So far Google has provided many options on Google Apps. But this time Google has introduced a new plugin.  Continue reading

How to Create PDF File Online?

how to create PDF file onlinePDF file format is the standard way to share and publish formatted graphics and text. For creating a PDF file, you need to install Adobe Acrobat program in your system and for this purpose you need to have a licensed version of this software. But how will you create PDF file if you don’t have Acrobat’s licensed version installed on your system?  Continue reading

How to Import DBF into Access?

import dbx to accessDBF files are the database files of database application. All the files of dBase and Visual FoxPro are stored in .dbf file format. DBF files are the file format which was developed for micro-computers but now it is also used by different operating systems including Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server. MDB files are the MS Access database files which are stored in .mdb format. MS Access is a relational database model.  Continue reading