DIY Guide On How To Remove Password From PDF Without Software

DIY Guide On How To Remove Password From PDF Without Software

Do you have an Adobe PDF file which is password protected?

Have you forgotten or lost that password?

And now wondering, how to remove password from PDF without any software?

If you are facing the same questions, then this article is for you.

PDF files are used heavily to send and share various documents, files with colleagues, clients and friends. PDF was invented by Adobe and now it is an all-season file format which is used by a lot of users. As it empowers the users to add images, texts, audios, videos, form fields, links and many more. The best feature is that you can even protect these files with a password for more security.

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2 Most Common Issues Take Place in SQL Server and Their Fixes

common issues in MS SQL ServerHow long have you been a part of Microsoft SQL Server? Have you ever faced any issue with your MS SQL Server account and/or SQL database file? Can you recall what that was? Generally, the 2 most common issues faced by SQL Server users are: database corruption and losing access to user accounts. Database corruption can be occurred due to various reasons, but the situation of losing access to users/administrator accounts Continue reading

Unlock PST Files: Outlook PST Password Recovery

unlock PST file passwordI am very happy to share this article. As i was in a real need of a password recovery tool that would recover my Outlook Password. It is really weird to hear that how can  someone forget a password that he/she uses frequently. But Since its been a very long time I had used the account configured on my Computer, I had forgotten the login credentials. We realize the importance of our previously executed work when we  Continue reading

How to Reset SQL Server Password Manually?

reset sql server account passwordMicrosoft® SQL Server™ is a crucial database management and analysis application used for enhancing performance of e-commerce, data warehousing, organizational solutions and much more. SQL Server has been built with the mission to offer ease of operations by maintaining the most crucial data in the form of an organized database within an organization or a company.  Continue reading

How to Unlock Microsoft SQL Server User Accounts?

You must have heard about Microsoft SQL Server. It is a relational database management system, which has been developed by Microsoft. It is designed for using structured query language code that creates database files, stores and manages your data and retrieves them from the database files.

Microsoft SQL Server can be installed on a server computer system to allow multiple users to access their user accounts and databases over a network.

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How to Access the Secured NSF Files of Lotus Notes?

Lotus Notes is one of the most popular email client used in small and big organizations. Lotus notes saves all its emails in NSF database files. Lotus Notes has an attribute named as Access Control List (ACL) using which administrator can easily set access rights to particular NSF database file. Using this attribute file owner manages the NSF file of Lotus Notes and applies security on NSF files, so that any unauthorized user cannot access the file. If an error message like:
“You are not authorized to access that database.”
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Outlook Does not Recognize PST Password Once System is Crashed

A Personal Storage Table (or Personal Folders file) is the data file used to store all your messages, calendar events, and other items in Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft software (Exchange Client, Windows Messaging). PST format is mostly used in home users or in small organizations. As all the data of Microsoft Outlook is stored in one . PST file on the local computer, you can easily backup or sync your mails. Continue reading

How to Password Protect PDF Documents ?

How to Password Protect PDF Documents ?

PDF is a file format for the long-term archiving of electronic documents. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete Continue reading