How to Do Outlook Profile Repair?

Are you having problem while connecting your email account to MS Outlook? Why don’t you do outlook profile repair by using Repair Account feature of MS Outlook? By repairing your Outlook profile you may resolve your connection issue. The following steps are required to let Outlook profile repair  in your Outlook profile:

1. Launch MS Outlook program on your system: For Outlook profile repair, first you need to launch the Microsoft Outlook program in the computer.

2. Click on File tab > Info > Account Setting > again Account Settings.

3. The Account Settings window will appear. Click on Repair button.

4. The Repair Account window will appear. Fill up the full details and click on Next.

5. Outlook starts configuring e-mail server settings. This might take several minutes.

6. The e-mail account has been successfully configured. Click on Finish.

All the above steps are very important to create the outlook profile successfully. After all these process, now try to connect your email account to MS Outlook.

Note:- An Outlook profile is the profile, which you need to remember your consisting outlook email accounts. In the Outlook, it is very easy to create the Outlook account, you just need to fill few fields. This profile is used to save data files and information.


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