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Fix outlook Search

Facing Outlook search Problem? Don’t worry here you will get the quick solution to fix Outlook Search problem. In the past few months, Outlook Search problem is in the boom.

So after deep research, I came up with the solution to fix Outlook search Issue.

You might have encountered the error messages like:

” No Results”

We couldn’t find what you were looking for.” 

” Something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed.”

“Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed”

 In this case, all you have to do is just stay calm and try some Resolution technique.

Outlook is the most preferred email client has a number of high-end qualities such as it Search Features.  Outlook Search features are remarkable when it works but too often it displays error messages like Outlook Search Not Working. Not to worry, these problems have simple solutions.

Let us look at the reasons for Outlook Search problem.

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Reasons Behind Outlook Search Issues

There Is A Possibility That Search Function Is Completely Turned Off

Solution: This is a common problem with users who have updated their  MS  Outlook from older version Normally during the updating process, the search becomes disabled and Just enable it once again to get it in working order.

Your Outlook Data Files Are Not Indexed Completely

Solution: All you need to do is wait until indexing of Outlook Data is completed. Indexing may take many hours, it completely depends on the size of your hard drive and Outlook data,  Users might need to leave the computer on overnight so the indexing service can catch up.

Sometimes, the indexing process never ends. Outlook always shows the ‘incomplete index’ error message no matter how long you wait.

There’s many possible sources of the problem and therefore solutions. Here we’ll try easy steps to rectify all such kind of issues related to search problem in Outlook

Presence Of Large Sized Attachments In PST Files

Solution: Users can opt for some suitable software to compress the PST attachments. If you have no idea you can check out SysInfo PST Compact Tool.

Corruptions In Outlook Data Files

Solutions- Users can take help of the Scanpst.exe to repair PST files. In can case of extreme corruption, they can opt for PST File Repair Software.

If you take care of above mentioned above steps, there are chances that you may not face the situation to fix Outlook Search Problem.

 Let me tell you one important thing. Outlook is not the reason for the search issues,  Outlook’s search problem completely relies on the Windows to find search result. Firstly, You need to look at the Windows Search Service and get that working correctly.  Once that’s is rectified Outlook should be able to search anything smoothly

Windows Search is the modern name for the indexing service. Before it was called Windows Indexing Service or Windows Desktop Search. Basically, the software sits in the background and creates an index of all the Outlook file item.  This index is just like the index of a book which ) lets you find things much sooner rather than scanning each file during the individual searches.

Below are the Few Methods To Fix Outlook  Search Problem

Method 1: Ways to ensure Windows Search Service is Started

  1. First Select “Start” and type “CMD“.
  2. Do a Right-click a “Command Prompt” then choose “Run as administrator“.
  3. If prompted for credentials, enter a username and password that grants admin rights to the desktop.
  4. Then type “sc config wsearch start= auto“, press “Enter“. You will get a “SUCCESS” message.
  5. And finally, Type “net start wsearch“, press “Enter“. You should receive a message that the service was started.

Method 2: Try to perform these steps to reset Outlook Indexing.(For Outlook 2013 and 2016)

  1. In Outlook, choose “File” ->Then “Options” -> Go to “Search” option  >  Choose “Indexing Options” > “Modify” and uncheck “Microsoft Outlook“. Select “Close” when done.
  2. Go to “File” > “Account Settings” > Again “Account Settings“.
  3. Choose the “Data Files” tab.
  4. Write down the “Location” for “OST” file. Then go to the folder specified.
  5. Close your Outlook.
  6. Using “Windows Explorer” go to the folder where the OST files are These are the folders you wrote down in the location section. Basically, the location is usually “C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook“.
  7. Then highlight all the OST files in the folder. (Hold the “CTRL” button to click and select all).
  8. Do a Right-click on the highlighted file, then select “Properties“.
  9. Then Select the “Advanced…” button.
  10. Do Check the “Allow this file to have contents indexed in addition to File properties” option if it isn’t checked previously, then go to “OK“.
  11. Now Open your Outlook, then go back to “File” location >then “Options” > “Search” > “Indexing Options” > Click on “Modify” and recheck  “Outlook“. Select “Close” when done.

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Method 3: Rebuild the Index in Outlook ( For Outlook 2010)

You may need to rebuild the index to get rid of some of your Outlook 2010 search problems. Here’s is the few simple steps what you need to do:

    1.     Go to File, then Options followed by Search 
    2.     Select indexing options in search section

fix Outlook Search

    1.     Once the Indexing Options Dialog Box appears, select advanced Option, You’ll need administration rights to access this.

resolve Outlook search

  1.     Click the Rebuild button to begin rebuilding your index.

Outlook Serch Issue Resolved
You have to allow some time for the Index to be rebuilt. Once your  Outlook has finished rebuilding the Index, then your Outlook Search problems will definitely get over.

I hope this article is enough you to get rid you of all the issues and fix Outlook Search problems

Thank You


4 thoughts on “(Resolved) – Fix Outlook Search Problem

  1. Keith G

    This is helpful, and I’ll try some of these to see if they correct the situation. I just wanted to point out however that the notion of “Outlook being the most preferred email client” is definitely a thing of the past, which I had assumed to be true until I recently learned otherwise. The world has changed faster than we realized, and Outlook is actually around # 5 or 6 on most lists in terms of most-used. Top of the list by a wide margin is iPhone Mail, followed by Gmail, iPad Mail, Android, Apple (desktop) Mail, and finally Outlook, and Outlook.com (the latter recently supplanting Yahoo mail in that position). Big change from what it was just 5 years ago!

    1. Andrew L

      @Keith G – Where are you getting your statistics from? None of the email interfaces you’ve listed are actually email “clients” .. they’re all telephone apps with the exception of Gmail and Outlook.com, both of which are Web Interfaces.

      As for the Apple’s Desktop App Mail, if you consider the number of Outlook installations in the world being used to access email (including Outlook.com, Gmail and Yahoo mail via POP or IMAP, it barely even deserves a mention.

      Would love to know where you’re getting your numbers from in saying that Outlook is # 5 or 6 in terms of most-used email “client” ? It would have to be the most used email client in existence today. Is it the best? Not necessarily, as that’s a highly subjective call – but almost certainly the Email Client being most used around the world today!

  2. Frank Herbert

    This is a known issue caused due by Windows/Office update in June. We have a official article documented this:
    Outlook known issues in the June 2017 security updates
    We’re investigating this issue and will update above page when a fix is available.
    Currently, I’d recommend you try to uninstall following KB updates according to your Windows OS, restart your computer and then rebuild the index to see the result:
    For Windows 7: KB4022722
    For Windows 10: KB4021558 & KB4022722
    If the issue continues after conducting above steps, please provide detailed version number of your Windows OS and Outlook program so that we can further look into it.

  3. LP

    This did NOT work for me. I think the LATEST microsoft update (2 days ago) might be the culprit. Let me know if you find a fix.


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